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Astha TT College

Astha TT College The Office of Campus Activities facilitates interaction among members of our community by promoting and supporting a wide range of programs that contribute to the intellectual, cultural and social well-being of our campus. We foster relationship building by supporting activities planned by faculty, staff and students, who each represent different backgrounds, interests and experiences.

These events provide engagement outside of the classroom and further enhance a vibrant and inclusive community where students thrive while reaching their goals and their highest potential.

It is the goal of the Office of Student Activities to create a comfortable environment for the students of Union College to share, create, and implement their own ideas. All programs sponsored by the Office of Student Activities are created and implemented by students with the guidance, support, and direction of the Student Activities staff.  Our mission is to foster the development and understanding of leadership through hands on, experiential approach.  Through this approach students will learn and understand their: ability to think critically, identity development, place and role in their communities, and approach to leadership.