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Astha TT College

Welcome to our website, distinguished Heads, faculty members, my colleagues and my young student friends. It is a moments of great pleasure to me that I heartily welcome to all of you to our College of Education. The college present is running D.Ed., B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes and has planned to grew up with further development programme under the impact of a rapidly changing environment, an Education College has to remain sensitive to necessities of the immediate surroundings and provide an answer to the day to day puzzles of life by developing appropriate technologies and a good skill sets. We have seen many changes here from my joining in the college and now we need to focus on establishing the standards for other to follow. Young friends, we are at a highly opportune time when India’s rich intellectually and socialistic tradition is yielding high dividends in the new knowledge age. At the end of your one year duration of the course you should equipped with the quality knowledge and relevant skill sets and an attitude, self motivated, having a positive mindset devoted to the service of the nation. We in administration and faculty shall always be proactively engaged to support you in resolve to being glory to this college, to your parents and to yourself. I thank all the staff members and my young students who caring, talented and dedicated group of educators and young students without whose cooperation such a function would not have been possible I hope that one of you will consider the special gift of talent that you bring with you to this college and also consider how you can share this. Wishing you very happy and academically highly rewarding years ahead.